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Hello friends my name is Shashank Mishra and you all are welcome on our website scratchtech.xyz. Today, I am going to provide you some information about me. So if you are willing to know about me right now, then you will read the whole.

Friends, my name is like Shashank Mishra and I am enthusiastic about knowing and implementing the latest technologies and also I decided to share my some views points to solve your technical issue, I will tell you all about the Blogging, YouTube, And Online Marketing Information. Every week you will get new posts, so if you still want to enjoy It. then remain on our website like this, now I would like to tell you about me a little bit now.

About Me 

Name – Shashank Mishra

Address – Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)

Qualification – Computer Science & Engineering (B.Tech)

Hobby – Blogging

Contact – mishra.shashank2017@gmail.com

Blog – https://www.scratchtech.xyz/

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